Wednesday, April 13, 2011

we should follow islam, not islam follow us

the title is about what happened in today world, what have happened to the country and also world globally. where we seen islam have been manipulated by muslim self. they claim what have they done are religion command, they get used islam as their defend to win the battle. they search and sit behind Quran ayat and manipulate the ayat to make people impressed and trust them. they should translate the meaning of ayat according to the real prospective. because there were reasons why the ayat was revealed to human kind, today we just get the meaning without further explaination why it was revealed and to whom and also the background of the story.

sad to see Muslim world just a weak to western. they claim that we are left behind interm of technology and civilization. however, it is true because we muslim very lazy to search the knowledge and comfort only by having ordinary lifestyle. we keep fight each other about minor problem. we forgot that there are major problem that should be settle because we only being self with self-intrest.

what is our concern? money? money cannot buy the religion. IMAN dan TAQWA is the Identification Card for muslim not NAFSU. i also think about what i can help to ISLAM.

ISLAM is religion that moderate. NOT what can we see in today television we there were extremist group with war always. not also whom drink alcohol and doing abuse. the prophet thought his ummah to be balance in doing good for world and life after.
in islam, only one god. ALLAH is god. Muhammad is messenger, and he NOT GOD. he sent to the earth is to guide human where at that time humans are badly incivilization.

MUHAMMAD is PROPHET and his messenger.

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